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Shining Brighter, Together. ™

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Join our mission to permeate the ABA landscape with genuine joy and authenticity. We take pride in creating positive experiences with all whom we encounter. To learn more about joining the A Gem of Joy ABA team, call us today at 888.501.6641.

Shining Brighter, Together. ™

Clinical Career Opportunities in Maryland

Join A Gem of Joy’s team! We foster a culture of warmth and engagement, valuing each team member as a unique part of the whole. It’s upon the foundation of togetherness that we can bring out the best versions of ourselves each and every day. We believe that genuine quality care begins with the quality of the relationships that intertwine the makeup of the organization and all of its partnerships.

Our Values

Our core values include modeling and inspiring change to impact the ABA landscape positively. To achieve our goals, we adhere to the following core values:


Experiencing genuine joy promotes motivation, engagement, and a positive learning environment for our staff and families. We aim to create genuine joy with each interaction with those we serve.


We demonstrate empathy, understanding, and a client-centered approach to promote compassion for our learners and families.


Our top focus is clinical quality, which means we offer evidence-based and client-centered services customized for each learner. We aim to provide the best possible care that results in long-lasting and meaningful improvements in the lives of clients and families.


By prioritizing honesty and ethics in everything we do, we establish trust and credibility, leading to long-term success that positively impacts our communities.


We promote transparency, honest communication, and a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can express their unique perspectives and ideas.


We believe in the power of laser focus and attention, as well as close personal relationships with the communities we serve. We not only support our clients and families using strategies of ABA, but at A Gem of Joy ABA, we find every opportunity to advocate for our clients in the communities in which they reside. This includes and is not limited to partnerships with government and funding agencies.

Employee Testimonials

Join A Gem of Joy ABA’s Career Pathway

We cultivate a workforce that feels like family, supporting each team member on their individualized career path. A Gem of Joy promotes from within and celebrates our team’s individual and collective milestones. We understand that to expect investment in our family, we must also invest ourselves in each member:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Generous PTO
  • Paid Holiday for all full-time members
  • Investment in your professional development to include free CEU’s, conference stipend, supervised fieldwork
  • Work-life balance

Join a unique career experience with us and carry our mission forward.

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