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Discrete Trial Training

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a behavioral specailist sits with a young girl during the girls discrete trial trainingNavigating the world of developmental delays can be challenging. But with the proper support, every child can shine.

At A Gem of Joy, we provide community-based and in-home discrete trial training (DTT) in Maryland, helping learners reach their full potential. We use DTT in our autism therapies to promote desirable behavior and minimize challenging behaviors. 

For more information about discrete trial training and our other autism therapies at A Gem of Joy, call us at 888.501.6641. We look forward to partnering with you and your family!

To learn more about our autism treatment programs, behavioral therapy, and autism therapy services, contact A Gem of Joy today at 888.501.6641.

What Is Discrete Trial Training?

Discrete trial training is a strategy for teaching new skills that is often used in applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy. It utilizes an individualized approach to teaching skills such as language, communication, self-help, play, and socialization. 

DTT is a method that breaks down skills into small “discrete” components. The specialist teaches the learner the skills individually, using tangible reinforcements for desired behavior, such as a small toy or verbal praise. 

At A Gem of Joy, we provide community-based and in-home discrete trial training for learners of all ages and skill levels. Our therapists are trained professionals who work with the family to develop individualized programs. 

Benefits of Discrete Trial Training

DTT can be used in various settings, including home, school, and community environments, making it a highly flexible approach to teaching. 

Some benefits of discrete trial training include the following:

  • Shown to have positive effects on children’s academic, cognitive, communication and language, social, and behavioral skills 
  • Tailored to meet the specific needs and abilities of each learner, allowing for individualized instruction 
  • Provides immediate feedback and reinforcement, which can help children learn more quickly and efficiently 
  • By providing a highly structured and predictable learning environment, DTT can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation 
  • It can be easily integrated into everyday routines, making it a natural and seamless part of a child’s daily life

Overall, discrete trial training can be an effective tool for teaching children with autism a wide range of skills that can help them achieve greater independence and success in life. 

Start Your Journey with A Gem of Joy

If you’re ready to take the next step toward supporting your child’s development, we’re here to help. Contact A Gem of Joy at 888.501.6641 today to learn about our community-based and in-home discrete trial training. Let us bring the joy of learning to your home, helping your child grow, flourish, and shine.